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About Us

Welcome to Sufia Print

We are a leading manufacture of corrugated boxes especially for the readymade garment industry in Eastern India. Our products range from small and large cartons to custom designed packaging boxes for garments. Using state of the art manufacturing technologies and equipments like automatic punching machines, pasting, stitching and lamination machines we ensure that our boxes are of the highest standards possible.

For more than 20 years, Sufia Print has been dedicated to responding to your needs, offering solutions to meet your unique challenges, and providing exemplary customer service.



We Design:

Our design team burn the midnight oil to design great looking designs for your brand to stand out from the rest.

We understand the brand and come up with design stratergies to make your packages visible and appeal to people in turn resulting in greater sales and business.



The Process:

Corrugated Cartons manufactured using the best raw material direct from paper mills

All corrugated cartons are manufactured using the best raw materials direct from paper mills. All materials are submitted for testing before use, to guarantee it meets the specifications of Standards for packaging.

Sufia Print is renowned in the industry for its use of quality Kraft Papers. These offer the customer a better-finished carton than some other manufacturers.

Die Cutting


Die Cutting & Punching

After the printing and post-press processes are complete, it is time for die cutting. The die is an elaborate, powerful cookie cutter used to cut many duplicates of the layout out of a sheet of paperboard and to minimize waste. When the individual cartons have been cut out of the original sheet, folding carton manufacturers separate and recycle the remaining stripped paper to form new paperboard.



Folding & Gluing

With die-cutting complete, it is time to move to folding and gluing where the flat, die cut pieces will be fed for folding, pre-breaking, and gluing.

The goal is to do as many of these operations in the fewest ‘passes’ and to end up with a flat, folded/glued package that can be ‘racked’ and ‘fulfilled’ with the actual product.

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Delivery & Logistics

Sufia Print has its own delivery fleet to ensure that your orders are always delivered on time to you.